The Process

#1: The Phone Chat

The first step in this whole process is to chat by phone. A phone call is so much better than e-mail or text when we are trying to get to know each other. It’s more personal and tons more efficient. It gives you a chance to ask any burning questions you have about the organizing process and it allows me to better understand your needs. So give me a call or contact me to set up one up. I am looking forward to chatting with you!

#2: The Detailed Assessment

After our phone chat, I am sure you can’t wait to get organized! We then set up an On-site Detailed Assessment. There are several reasons I like to do an assessment:
• So we can meet in person. If we are going to be working very closely together, we should probably meet in person before we begin.
• So you can ask as many questions as you want and feel comfortable with the process. This is all about you so I want you to understand and feel energized about getting organized!
• I do my best work when I can experience the space first hand. I can better determine the scope of the project, see how you interact with the space, and begin to formulate solutions BEFORE we start working together. This saves you time and money, which is always a good thing.
• Sometimes, we may even grab a pile of papers or a basket of stuff to sort. This helps me see how you make decisions. I then can formulate the type of help you will need from me.
An on-site consultation lasts about 1 ½ – 2 hours. While we do a brief tour of your space(s), I will listen to your concerns, needs and vision. I will ask pointed questions to help us clarify the situation and answer any questions you may have. I will take pictures to be used as a reference point for me and “before” pictures (Be not afraid – I will not post them anywhere unless you give me permission!). Then we will create an Organizing Plan. We will write down your main vision and the steps to achieve your vision. I will also suggest products and tools that will help in your situation. You will receive a copy of the plan so that we both have a clear picture of the project.

#3: Hands-On Sessions

After we have a plan, we book our Hands-on Sessions. This is where the magic happens. Hands-on sessions last 4 hours, but can be a little less or more depending on the situation. During our sessions, we work as a team to sort through your items, make decisions, and create your systems. I am right by your side every step of the way, giving you the know-how and encouragement needed to achieve your organizing vision. I will also teach you how to maintain your systems, empowering you to succeed for the long term. This is the bulk of the organizing process, but definitely the most transformative AND the most fun.

Follow Up Support

Like any new skill, maintaining your organization takes some practice. I am here to help keep you on track and answer any questions that may come up after the completion of your project. On-going support and accountability helps to ensure your success by building confidence in yourself and your systems.