Package ContentsOrganized & MotivatedOrganized & EnergizedOrganized & Transformed
Total Package Price$825$1,425$1,905
Detailed 2 hour on-site assessment & written Action Plan ($100 value)***
On-site 4-hour hands-on organizing sessions369
Subscription to e-zine***
E-mail Support***
Phone Check-ins**
Accountability &
Encouragement Support (Cards, notes, etc.)
Prepare donations for pick up and provide itemized list**
Delivery of prepared donations with itemized list*
Disposal of E-waste*
Shredding service set-up*
Shopping for organizing supplies/solutions (on-line) *
Free access to digital products*

We accept all major credit cards, check, or cash.

Small Print and Details:

  • Packages are value-based organizing designed to deliver results while providing education, expertise, and support. Most clients get the best results from a longer-term organizing relationship so that they can make significant progress and organizing skills can be transferred. If you determine that a package is not a good fit for you, on-site organizing is also available at half-day and full-day rates on an a la carte basis at $75/hour.
  • Phone consultations are a complimentary 25-minute meet and greet call designed to assess organizer/client compatibility and organizing challenges.
  • Assessments are detailed on-site consultations followed by a written action plan.
  • On-site hours are based on sessions that are a minimum of 3 hours but do not exceed 4 hours.
  • Packages cannot exceed a 9 month-period.
  • Pay in full Bonus: For those that pay in full for any of the packages, you are entitled to 1 bonus hands-on hour to schedule when you need it the most throughout the package period. The bonus hour will be added onto an existing half-day session.
  • Payment plans are available:
    • Organized & Motivated: $275 deposit at signing of agreement/$275 2nd payment due at end of 2nd session/$275 3rd payment due at end of 3rd session.
    • Organized & Energized: $475 deposit at signing of agreement/$475 due after 3rd session/$475 due at end of the 6th session.
    • Organized & Transformed: $635 deposit at signing of agreement/$635 due after 4th session/$635 due at the end of 9th session.