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Town & Country with Michael Carter

The breathtaking foyer of a new residence in One Dalton, Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences designed by Carter & Company

A dynamic unit in One Dalton, Boston's chicest new address, 与之相对的是新罕布什尔的一间小屋,那里的时间仍然停留着,它展示了室内设计师迈克尔·卡特的艺术范围和才华.

At Carter & Company, “our job is to create environment,” says Principal Michael Carter slowly, in his honeyed North Carolina drawl. It goes beyond imagining beautiful spaces with pretty things. It’s more about conjuring a feeling and a palpable sense of place.

Interior Designer Michael Carter of Carter & 公司,在波士顿的新道尔顿,四季酒店和私人住宅

Whether recreating a turn-of-the-century, 在新罕布什尔州的一个风景如画的山顶上,他和他的丈夫在“马车”时代露营, David Rousseau, or injecting character within the sparkling, sculptural all-glass canvas that is One Dalton, Carter’s designs, above all things, are meant to resonate with the client. 正是由于这个原因,卡特和他的团队能够在两个截然不同的宇宙中操作并翱翔, conceiving meaningful, 有灵魂的生活空间的设置落在室内设计光谱的两端.

Interior Designer Michael Carter's New Hampshire getaway

“No one will ever accuse Carter & Company of being a one-trick pony,” he says with a certain sense of pride. 虽然室内设计师的根是传统的,卡特 & 公司的审美是流动的,易于接受的,最终是客户的反映. Carter takes cues from personal interests and life stories, and “edits and interprets” the client’s opportunity for expression.

The staff at Carter & 公司庆祝室内设计师迈克尔卡特的新罕布什尔撤退

The staff at Carter & 旅社的客人们互相举杯,享受悠闲的午餐.

The Lodge, 这是卡特2001年买下后精心修复的乡村别墅, mirrors facets of his own makeup—his passion for preservation and history, and for antiques—a trait he inherited from a favorite aunt. When he was first introduced to the “wreck of a property,这是一组湖畔建筑,包括一座古老的夏令营和以前的“聚会屋”,它们坐落在山顶上,远离禁酒令的监视, and, later, a summer camp, he was enchanted by its log walls and beams, ironwork and stone fireplace. Says Carter, “I feel like this property has soul.” So, after pouring his time and talent into a series of renovations, including reorienting the house to frame water views, and creating a two-story drop in the heart of the home, The Lodge has become the place where he and Rousseau, their dogs, horses, friends and family can disconnect, recharge and entertain.

Rustic living room design by Michael Carter of Carter & Company

In the main room, above, Carter "didn't touch a thing," he says, due to the planed fir logs (many with the bark still on), and the extraordinary hearth. As he moved beyond that space, there was a lot of artistic freedom.

“这座房子的特别之处在于它浓缩了过去的时间和地点,”他说. For a few years it had no indoor plumbing, and it still has no TV (“we’ve never missed it,” says Carter) or cell-phone service. What it does have is an “intangible,” muses Carter; a hard-to-pin-down air “that, once you’re there, you can sense and smell.”

New uses for antiques by interior Designer Michael Carter of Carter & Company


How, then, did he go about selecting very real items—furnishings, finishes, art, accessories—that further this mystique? “You use the edit button,” answers Carter, to accentuate the wood, stone and ironwork that give the structure its charm, 用独一无二的物件填满他的家还有他姑妈传下来的珍贵古董, furnishings his uncle crafted by hand, items repurposed from the general stores of yesteryear, finds from the Brimfield Fair. 卡特说:“物品必须有一定的灵魂”,更不用说创造力了. The designer had great fun “using interesting things in an atypical way.” In the kitchen, an old-fashioned meat scale, weighed down by sacks of flour, finds new life as a chandelier, 而把钢琴的旧腿倒过来就成了客厅的台灯.


从乘坐马车到在门廊上停留片刻——然后深呼吸, there is a slower pace to life at The Lodge.

小屋质朴的墙壁外的庭院与室内一样,对住宅的精神至关重要. 正如背景是“回归基本”一样,它也是“回归自然”,卡特说. He and his guests enjoy vintage canoe rides, 乘坐马车,享受简单的乐趣,比如坐在超大门廊的摇椅上, sangria in hand. 卡特笑着说,忠实于它的起源,在某种程度上,洛奇仍然是一个聚会场所. 他说:“这是一个庆祝、家庭团聚、聚会和节日的球.”

而小屋是关于时间流逝和享受与朋友和家人的时刻, a unit at One Dalton, Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences, conceived by Carter & Company for empty nesters, is about daring greatly. “他们很大胆,”卡特强调,他对他的客户的钦佩显而易见. “This is definitely their big moment,” he says. “They have left suburbia to go literally up to the sky,” inhabiting an instantly iconic building, which, designed by famed architect Henry N. Cobb, is, in Carter’s estimation, the chicest in the city.

High-end living room design by interior designer Michael Carter of Carter & Company at One Dalton, Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences

The living room's walnut fireplace wall, built by Saltsman Brenzel and finished by Wayne Towle Master Finishing & Restoration, contrasts with the subdued color palette. Phillip Jeffries wallcoverings, applied by Paul J. Beath, were used throughout the home for texture and to soften the space. The sense of serenity is a foil to the city's vitality; "You really can connect to Boston at this level," says Carter.

“It is a serious fresh start,” Carter continues, and a renaissance that is centered on expression over functionality. 业主们从他们以前的住所带来了一些珍贵的东西, which was traditional in nature; cutting their square footage considerably; and making a sleek and sinuous unit with spectacular views home. 新的设置是三角形的圆形末端和弧形玻璃墙. “It’s like being in the nose of an airplane,” says Carter. “It is floor to ceiling glass all the way around.”

How do you appoint such a leap of faith? If you’re Carter, you look to the architecture of the building itself, which is wildly inventive and features “modern and timeless bones,,并开始充分了解客户,以及什么能与他们产生共鸣. As One Dalton is, in essence, “a three-sided piece of sculpture,” Carter expanded that concept indoors. 他解释说:“凯时在线平台认为整个单元中的一切都是雕塑的表现。. 它的艺术、雕塑、颜色和纹理,“就像身处一个个性化的画廊.”

The modern art selections, chosen in collaboration with the clients’ daughter, 谁是艺术企业家,并且比任何人都更了解客户, give the unit much of the soul Carter was after. “The space is begging—I mean, it won’t even work—unless you have wonderful art in it,” says Carter, so the team animated the space with modern art from Boston galleries, such as Lanoue Gallery and Beacon Gallery, 包括Jeremy Holms在客厅设计的无限木带装置,以及Aja Johnson在楼上办公室设计的充满活力的绿松石抽象.

An upscale pink bedroom design by Michael Carter of Carter & Company

Carter & Company crafted a confection of a home office for the woman of the house, complete with lacquered painting by Stephen Barton Painting, a slender desk overlooking the city, meaningful accents and art, and custom soft furnishings appointed by Eliot Wright Workroom.

For the lighting, finishes and furnishings, the homeowners joined Carter for a day in New York, scouring the wares of two design centers. A pair of bespoke semicircular sofas, a custom burled wood John Boone table, 还有一个耀眼的灯具,它由90颗玻璃露珠组成,由几根缆绳悬吊在上面. That day made a world of difference. 卡特说,“因为你在这个玻璃泡泡里,一切都必须是特别的.”

总的来说,住宅的审美具有一种源自自然的奢华感. Quartz sconces, 丰富的木材甚至是水晶饰品都能传达出客户的精神层面和正念. 尽管当时流行的冷灰色很容易搭配, instead, the client embraced warmer tones, beautiful bisques, shimmering topaz hues, both smoky and blue, that coalesce into an inviting, zen-like cocoon. This is, after all, their space, their moment. So while The Lodge is intended to be a “simpler, non-digital escape” and a time capsule, “One Dalton is about embracing now as hard as you can,” says Carter. It’s not afraid of it. “It’s celebrating now.”

Photography by Warren Patterson


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