Old Meets New: Inside a Fabulous Federal-Era Restoration

Federal Era Farm-House Style Restoration by Cummings 架构师

With the help of Cummings 架构师, the town of Lynnfield, 和 a longtime resident, Federal Era charm lives on in its downtown center, with the preservation of the 1785 Reverend John Mottey House. Despite this happy story of a community coming together, there was a point in time where this might not have been the case. When the neglected seven-acre property, also known as Centre Farm, came up for sale, it was at risk of falling into the h和s of developers, 谁会把历史建筑的大部分夷为平地,并将土地重新分割. 为了避免这种命运,林菲尔德镇出面购买了这处房产. 一旦他们获得了财产,他们就不知道该怎么处理了. Since it was originally designed as a residence, it didn’t translate well into a school, 图书馆, 或者甚至是一个历史社会,因为任何重新使用都会“降低房屋的历史品质”,” as explained by Principal Architect, 马修卡明斯. 

 卡明斯建筑事务所(Cummings 架构师)在波士顿地区进行的高端历史性改造

最终,为了挽救它,小镇投票决定出售这处房产. 为了保持住宅的完整性,小镇小心翼翼地制定了一项契约限制,规定了住宅外部可以做什么,不可以做什么. 当时,一个在镇上住了多年的家庭表示有兴趣恢复之前废弃的房产, 他中标了. The family hired Cummings 架构师该公司拥有丰富的历史建筑改造经验,将担任该项目的建筑师. Before doing any design work, Cummings 架构师 delved into the written history of the home, 仔细检查其层和添加的结构和时间轴, 哪一个, in the case of Centre Farm, includes 主要的房子, a barn 和 an L-connector, linking the two structures. Working closely with the builder of the project, Kaminski Construction Management, they also documented the condition of the framing, 外部支持, 和 interior finishes. 

Modern-day features meet a historic renovation by Cummings 架构师

经常, 历史建筑的业主认为,真正的改造将使他们的住宅恢复到原来的状态. 他们担心自己会放弃现代化的便利而住在博物馆里. Cummings建筑事务所努力将现代的设施和业主想要拥有的特征编织在一起, all the while heeding the history of the structure itself. 找到这个交叉点——那个时代住宅的特点符合客户的愿望清单的完美平衡——是像中心农场这样的项目如此引人注目的原因. 

卡明斯建筑事务所(Cummings 架构师)对波士顿地区高端历史建筑进行了主浴室改造


在现有结构内为现代生活精心设计, 以及将新旧元素无缝结合的创新理念, 创建. There were many easier-to-solve concerns like where to add closets, 内建, 和 the master bathroom, but there were also plenty of design riddles. One of 哪一个 dealt with the 76 doors in the home, where they should be relocated, 和 how to pair the authentic hardware? These are challenges that Cummings loves in a project, “You’re presented with something that’s close to impossible. It makes it a lot harder, but it’s fun.” 



对于新的,更现代化的功能,设计团队很好地利用了l型连接器. 房子的这片区域没有什么历史建筑,因为它在20世纪50年代就被拆除了. The space lent itself to the of-the-moment updates. “Originally those rooms were very closed off,” explains interior designer Alex和ra Ford of Cummings 架构师. “As the family has four young children, it was important for them to have a space that is open, a place for the kids to hang out 和 do homework, as well as entertain.” This space ended up being the new home for a mudroom, 还有一间农舍风格的厨房,厨房一侧通往一间带阳光的客厅, glassed breakfast room on the other.


就其本身而言, 主要的房子, 哪一个 had been neglected for some time, was restored “in a very respectful way to the history, but that was still modern 和 would work well for the young family.” The firm considered details great 和 small, preserving the timber frame, restoring the posts 和 the interior window shutters, 和 swapping out non-historic replacement sashes for new, authentic wood windows. 在许多地区,现代红橡木地板作为早期装修的一部分被添加. 在使用t型头钉固定的22英寸松木地板时,这种情况被移除. The original trim was saved where possible, 和, when it couldn’t be salvaged, 特殊刀具的来源,以复制准确的轮廓的模具. 该团队还花了大量的时间在家庭的真实硬件上, whether relocating, restoring or sourcing box locks. 


Custom restoration of a Federal-era barn by Cummings 架构师


与卡明斯建筑事务所(Cummings 架构师)一样,这些客户思想开放,重视真实性. It is for this reason that h和work, 像马毛灰泥和手工刨平的装饰(其中一些是榫眼和榫眼)是故意完好无损的. “We don’t ‘fix’ everything,” says Cummings. “凯时在线平台在角色中留下了很多东西,它讲述了房子的故事.”




在住宅后部增加了一个亲切的环绕门廊,旨在向那个时代的住宅致敬. 俯瞰宽敞的后院,距离新泳池和泳池屋几步之遥, the open-air setting gives the home a certain gr和eur, as well as being a popular place for family 和 friends to congregate. 


Authentic stencil work in a historic restoration by Cummings 架构师


To create the home’s stately yet vibrant palette, Ford studied—和 channeled—historically accurate paint 和 trim colors. 一个活泼的香橼,与经典的蓝色相抵消,迎接所有进入主入口和楼梯大厅的人. 细微调整的色调让人想起了最初的风格,而鸟蛋色调装饰了客厅. 蓝色系的颜色, a favorite color of the client, are woven throughout the home, 从粉灰色到蓝色,再到高调的皇室成员. 



福特还研究了前厅墙壁上手绘的精确时间的模板图案, 和 on the floors in key rooms. The stencil work, a glorious Federal-period throwback, graces “the older spaces that were a bit more formal,”她解释道, eliminating the need for wallpaper, 和 adding beauty as well as interest. 

最终的结果是一个美妙的家庭住宅,倾听其历史的宏伟, but is warm 和 inviting for generations to come. 


Images by Eric Roth Photography